Concussion Bill

SB 456, “An Act Concerning Student Athletes and Concussions” has been passed with overwhelming bipartisan support by both the House and Senate, and will now go to Governor Jodi Rell’s desk. The bill will require interscholastic and intramural coaches to receive regular training in recognizing signs and symptoms of concussion, remove athletes who exhibit signs or symptoms of a possible concussion from activity, and refer them for medical assessment. Athletes will not be permitted to return to activity until they have been evaluated and received written clearance from a qualified medical professional. The House ultimately passed the bill unanimously, and the Senate passed the bill by consent. There is no fiscal note attached to the bill.

Mission of the CCTF

The Connecticut Concussion Task Force's mission is to increase the knowledge of the population of Connecticut on the injury of concussion. Our role will be to add to the research being done on concussions, standardize care for the concussed patient and educate medical providers on the protocols available for treatment.

Objectives of the Concussion Task Force

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